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At the heart of our automation solutions are Softrol’s wash aisle controls. With our washer/extractor and dryer controls, process variables can be monitored and controlled to create optimum washroom performance. As an added bonus, the controls are available on new washers and dryers through several OEM manufacturers or as a retrofit to upgrade existing equipment.

Softrol's Washer controls Provide Peak Performance

What Our Controls Offer

Softrol’s wash aisle controls provide advanced programming capability to allow precise control of every step in the process. The advantage is a control that is tailored to your specific needs. Formulas may be customized to achieve the desired results with functions such as ratio-metric chemical/water additions, cylinder rotational speed control, and temperature control, or use our dryer temperature algorithm or humidity sensor system to reduce fuel usage. 

Softrol’s lineup of washer and dryer controls will also maintain safe and efficient working conditions with programmable alarms for conditions such as water levels, temperatures, RPMs and over-temperature detection. Other parameters may be used for machine diagnostics and preventative maintenance, such as maximum fill or drain times.


Discover Softrol's Wash Aisle Systems


Washer Control Features

Some features of our Washer Controls include:

  • Programmable water additions by volume or level 
  • Programmable temperature ranges 
  • Up to 30 automatic signals for liquid chemical injection systems 
  • Up to 50 programmable chemical names 
  • Up to 128 programmable formulas 
  • Thermo water fill capability 
  • Alarms (watchdogs) for alerting operator of malfunction 
  • Multiple flush signals for dry chemical injection 
  • Eight level password protection
  • Modular design 
  • Built-in diagnostic routines 
  • Programmable maintenance intervals with alarms 
  • Programmable from a PC


Dryer Control Features

Some features of our Washer Controls include:
  • Easily programmable
  • Inlet/Outlet temperature monitoring
  • Adjustable drying time
  • Variable burner and proportional rates
  • Programmable inlet/outlet temperatures
  • Control monitoring of load conditions
  • Programmable algorithms to declare load dryness
  • Operator alarms for equipment malfunction
  • Programmable from a PC or laptop 


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