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Known throughout the industry as the primary leader in industrial-grade controls, Softrol utilizes an ultramodern wash aisle control system for stand-alone use or for fully automated wash aisles.  Our accurate and intricate control designs have been developed to increase your plant's proficiency and process quality.  These programmable controls allow precise and accurate algorithms for more efficient processing.


Washer Aisle Controls 

Softrol prides itself on offering state-of-the-art wash aisle controls that give your plant the opportunity to operate at maximum efficiency, while seeing an increase in profit and a decrease in wasted time and human resources. Our washer controls give the user complete and precise control over every step of the washroom performance. 

 Washer Control

Softrol Systems wash aisle controls give the user an assortment of features to work with when it comes to maximizing their plant's total efficiency. Our wash aisle control system gives your plant ultramodern programming that can measure precisely a multitude of aspects that make up your plant. 

 Washer Control Features

For washer/extractors, our control software analyzes water levels, temperatures and even RPMS, and gives you the potential to measure all of these metrics in a precise and efficient manner. Our wash aisle controls have a variety of features: 

  • Programmable water additions by volume or level 
  • Up to 50 programmable chemical names
  • Up to128 programmable formulas 
  • Alarms (watchdogs)
  • Thermo water fill capacity 
  • Modular design 
  • Programmable from a PC 
  • Up to 30 automatic signals for liquid chemical injections
  • Programmable temperature ranges
  • Eight level password protection
  • Multiple flush signals for dry chemical injection 

 Dryer Controls 

Softrol’s dryer control does all of the load checking automatically, without ever opening the doors. When the alarm sounds the load is finished. No restarts, no lost time, and no lost energy. The dryer control can be programmed to automatically adjust the drying time based on the rate of temperature change throughout the formula.

 Dryer Control Features 

  • Inlet/Outlet temperature monitoring
  • Adjustable drying time
  • Variable burner and proportional rates
  • Programmable inlet/outlet temperatures
  • Control monitoring of load conditions
  • Programmable algorithms to declare load dryness 
  • Operator alarms for equipment malfunction
  • Programmable from a PC or laptop 

 Wash Aisle Automation & Data Collection

In addition to manufacturing controls for stand alone equipment, we all provide complete wash aisle automation.  We can automate or re-control your open pocket machinery and tunnel system equipment. Softrol washer and dryer controls can be networked with Softrol’s communications package for individual machine communications or an entire washroom network. Both wet and dry process software products are part of Softrol’s Management Information Suite.   Additionally, our Laundry Operation Information System (LOIS) may be utilized for reporting of wash aisle process data that is viewed on any PC or mobile device connected to the internet. 

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