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While implementing a basic rail system in your laundry operation is ideal for maximizing storage space, there are several issues that can arise if linens are not tracked properly.

Softrol solves these issues with our Virtual Rail system. 


The Issue

Without a way to track linens or garments that are being moved or stored using a manual rail system, management has no way of knowing exactly what is hanging where. What is actually stored and the location is unknown to some degree. Issues can easily arise from this lack of information. 

The Resolution

Sofrtol's Virtual Rail solves these issues. When added to your manual rail system, data for each bag can be entered manually into the system by the operator at the bag lift station. The data entered may include the position on the rail storage that the operator intends to send the bag to, the weight, the customer, the type of linen, etc. That data is collected and displayed on a screen, showing a “virtual” view of the bags in storage and their customer and/or contents.

With manual entry, as each bag is lifted, the system is told where to locate the bags on the “virtual” rail screen, giving a clearer picture of the actual status of soil rail storage.  This gives management better insight into process data and production flow.

Our system can also detect when bags leave the storage area and enter the wash aisle, so the virtual image will remove that bag from the storage rails when that bag movement is detected, allowing management to track weights and products washed and to organize this information by customer.

This dynamic and functional paring is the future for many manual rail plants.  With it, plant management will be able to run a much more successful work process.

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