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Although you may have delayed reopening your plant for as long as possible, your clients will eventually require your services once again. Follow these tips to give your facility a strong restart.


Clean and Inspect

The week before you reopen is a valuable opportunity to get your plant in perfect working order. Ideally, it will be a long time before your machines are off and your storage areas are empty again.

Start with a complete equipment inspection. Run test cycles to confirm that everything is working correctly. Change out old fluids, clean gaskets, and replace any worn-down parts. Have a mechanic on-call for the day of your inspection; this will help ensure that you re-open on schedule.

This is also a good opportunity to complete a property inspection. Laundry facilities are subjected to elevated temperatures and high amounts of moisture, both of which can cause damage to a building’s foundation. Ask a professional to review your building and recommend any repairs that can be completed before your staff return.

As a final touch, have your facility deep-cleaned by a professional crew. Your staff will feel confident as they walk into a sterilized and polished working environment.

Make Staff Accommodations

Work efficiency only occurs when your employees are in good health and have the tools they need to succeed. As you welcome back your current operators and begin hiring new staff, you should be ready to adapt to the new standards for an effective workplace.

Laundry facilities already work in the business of sanitization. Even in a post-COVID world, your employees will still need to be protected from particle-based transmission. In addition to providing hand sanitizer and PPE, you should also review your chain of operation to identify any point at which your staff is at risk. Installations like blast shields and air filters will ensure that your plant can continue to operate in the face of future outbreaks.

When society is in a state of fluctuation, the last-minute often becomes inevitable. As a manager, you’ll have more success if you anticipate sudden changes in individual availability. Maintaining one or two additional employees is an affordable way to safeguard your operations and staff. You should also consider updating your company’s medical and bereavement policies.

Update Existing Systems

The world is changing, and your facility needs to be ready to change with it. If you’re going to succeed, you need to be equipped with the latest tools the industry has to offer.

Start by reviewing your current process to make sure that you’re accomplishing each task in the most efficient way possible. Rail and automation solutions can be added to most stations, and the increase in productivity quickly makes up for the cost of installation.

After an extended break, both returning and new employees will require training. Since you’re already subject to a learning curve, you should use this opportunity to update your operating systems to the latest version. This is also a good chance to integrate a digital solution like Total Plant Management with your existing process.

Softrol offers material handling and process control solutions for every aspect of your garment facility. As you anticipate reopening, contact us to discuss repairing equipment and installing new systems to meet your future needs.