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No matter what service is being offered, everyone wants to get the biggest bang for their buck. It's only human nature to want to buy the best service for the lowest price. But how do you know what you're really getting is the best possible use of your hard-earned money?

For laundry processing, Softrol Systems offers an in-depth examination into what exactly you're spending your money on. With Softrol Systems' state-of-the-art shipping and tracking technologies, you can keep a keen eye on your materials and the process and timing of their delivery. 

Softrol Systems has carefully crafted three distinct tracking solutions that allow you to follow the travel of your material. These solutions allow you to not only follow individual items but bulk items, as well.  Softrol shipping & tracking products offer advanced tracking technologies that will more than exceed your expectations. 

Softrol Makes Shipping & Tracking Effective

For Bulk Item Tracking:

PPS Cart Tracking

PPS Cart offers a variety of attributes that makes tracking your shipments incredibly easy. They range from real-time capture of return products to the creation of delivery manifests by item count or weight. The PPS Cart system also offers an assortment of optional add-ons. These add-ons include tracking carts and their stop times, an invoice systems interface, and even a route planning/scheduling module. When it comes to real-time tracking services, PPS Cart is the best way to go.

For Individual Item Tracking:

Softrak Route Accounting System 

The SofTrak route accounting system is designed to manage inventory of individually tracked items. SofTrak includes a variety of properties, such as, a customer relations module, a garment tracking module, and even a purchasing module that allows you to create and manage your own purchase requests. 

One of the most popular properties of the system is the reporting module. This programmed module can be specifically designed for your own company or organization. The module gives you the opportunity to report on your specific processes. Another top-rated feature is the bundle verification. This will simply let you know that your bundles are complete and separated from other bundles. 

MTrak Mat Tracking System

MTrak mat tracking system is designed to identify and follow individual mats with bar code or R.F.I.D. labels. Mats are assigned per specific customer, providing a detailed product and customer history.  Records for delivery time and date stamping are kept (check-ins & outs). MTrak will also improve profitability while managing your processing costs.

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