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On September 19, 2022, Softrol Systems helped to sponsor another Tee Up Fore The Cure event at Lake Geneva, WI. Tee Up Fore The Cure is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping fund research on Type 1 Diabetes. This year, Tee Up Fore the Cure teamed up with JDRF,  Children’s Wisconsin, and local celebrities such as Paul Molitor and Hewerton Moreira, to offer a truly unique golf outing experience in Southeastern Wisconsin! Through playing a game of golf, silent auctions, or becoming a sponsor, many participated in helping Tee Up Fore The Cure raise money and awareness of the illness.



For the sixteenth anniversary of the fundraiser, Softrol Systems President, Brent Keith, and Vice President of Operations, Roger Cheesman, both came out to participate in the charity golf event. Softrol Systems, a proud sponsor of the event, was pleased to be able to support our customer, ITU Absorbtech, as well as the Tee Up Fore The Cure event. 

This year celebrity player Hewerton Moreira joined our Softrol team. Hewerton Moreira was a professional soccer player who is now coaching the soccer team in Utica, NY. He is looking to build a legacy in Utica and Tee Up Fore The Cure was fortunate to have him participate for the day. After Hewerton got warmed-up, he suddenly began launching 300+ yard bombs off the tee for us, which made it fun, even though we weren’t that competitive.

At ITU Absorb Tech, a highly efficient Softrol garment sort system utilizes a single induction point for all garment traffic and scans the garments identified with VHF RFID chips automatically on the fly using Softrol’s antenna and reader. The single induction point sorter allows one operator to manage the sorting of garments for both the overhead primary sort system and the final sorting of garments to individual users.