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Softrol has been an innovator of garment and laundry solutions for over 25 years. Read just a few of our customer stories to see what a Softrol solution can do for your plant.


Garment Sorting

Who: Aramark Uniform Services

What: This uniform company’s new plant needed to sort 40,000 units in a day while reducing labor costs.

How: Softrol’s AutoSort system was able to guarantee throughput of 3,800 garments per hour while reducing labor from 10 employees to 2.

Aramark Uniform Services opened a new facility that needed to meet high production rates with as few staff as possible. Softrol designed a sortation system that included smooth garment conveyance, overhead storage rails, and a sort speed of 3,800 garments per hour. Thanks to pre- and post-sort buffering, the system could run with only 2 employees at a time.

Chemical Dispensing

Who: Gildan Activewear

What: A high-volume sock production facility needed reliable chemical injection for dye machines and tunnel bleachers.

How: Softrol’s ChemPulse chemical injection system and Total Plant Management software were the perfect fit for Gildan’s facilities.

Gildan Activewear is one of the largest sock producers in the world. Softrol installed a high-end chemical delivery system for their Rio Nance facility in 2006, updated the installation in 2009, and provided equipment for a duplicate facility in 2010. Plant managers can send system requests through a custom interface that integrates with the facility’s production tracking software.

Wash Aisle Automation

Who: WM Uniform

What: A third-generation family business needed to update its wash aisle system to make room for future growth.

How: Softrol MicroPulse and AutoPulse helped WM Uniform save space and automate their wash aisle to dramatically reduce labor costs.

WM Uniform (formerly West Michigan Uniform) has provided uniform services to Michigan companies for three generations. Softrol helped this family business upgrade with automated wash aisle controls, including ratio-metric washing to control chemical usage and a drying algorithm to manage fuel consumption. Thanks to the new setup, WM Uniform was able to automate bulk item processing and make room for future facility growth.

Become the Next Success Story

Softrol’s designers can create a custom solution for any laundry facility. Contact Softrol to find out how your plant can run more efficiently with lower operating costs.