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Tracking systems play an integral part in any modern plant management process. From tracking individual items to items in bulk, it's essential to know where your products are at all times. Softrol offers a variety of state-of-the-art tracking systems that improve your ability to manage production and inventories. 

 For cart tracking, Softrol offers the advanced PPS Cart.  For individual items, we provide two systems that include MTrak, a matt tracking system, and SofTrak, a garment route accounting system. Each of these Softrol solutions has its own benefits and features for your specific plant management style.

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PPS Cart 

PPS cart is an ultramodern monitoring system that has an assortment of features that include: 

  • Real-time capture of return products 
  • Cart delivery record 
  • Export to the invoicing system 
  • Electronic delivery of manifests

The PPS cart also includes a variety of optional features that can be additionally added if wanted. Some of these include: 

  • Track carts & stop times
  • Invoice system interface
  • Route driver module
  • Cart ID by RFID or barcode

 Softrol's Softrak 

A route accounting system, the SofTrak is made to track individual items for your plant's success. SofTrak allow you to manage inventory levels for you individually tracked garments. The SofTrak system provides a wide range of features that sets it apart from other tracking systems. 

  • Account management
  • Charging features
  • Garment & Non-garment related features
  • Inventory management 
  • Route management and invoicing
  • Purchasing system
  • Reporting features

This only begins to scratch the surface of everything the SofTrak has to offer. 

 The MTrak 

The final tracking system on our list, the MTrak is a mat tracking system that is utilized for optimized plant performance and proficiency.  MTrak includes a number of features and benefits that sets it apart from all the other tracking systems. Some of what MTrak provides, includes: 

  • Individual mat tracking with Barcode or RFID Chip
  • Customer & product history to advance decision making 
  • Items assigned to specific customers 
  • Control over rotating stock 
  • Overdue Rotating stock due for return are identified 
  • Ability to track customer and vendor related issues with products
  • Ability to manage processing costs and improve profitability

MTrak will significantly improve your plant processes.