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In today's day and age, technology dictates how we conduct our business in any industry.  Advanced technology improves accuracy while speeding up process efficiency.  The Softrol Systems Catalyst System brings a high-level solution to the chemical injection process.

Softrol Provides Many Laundry Chemical Systems

Types Of Chemical Systems 

Softrol offers a variety of chemical systems, each with its own benefits and features. Variations include chemical injection for either open pocket washers or tunnel washers.  Some offer the ability of a redundant system, allowing one unit to handle the entire wash aisle, while the other is out of service. Each of these solutions is tailored for a wide range of applications. 

Catalyst Family Features 

A system is only as strong as the features it has to offer. Softrol’s Catalyst Family provides superior features such as: 

  •  Accurate flow metering for All Viscosity
  •  Metered volume and verified flush injection
  •  Superior precision and accuracy
  •  High-speed injection times
  • Redundant system operation

Catalyst Family Control Benefits 

Our Catalyst Family provides a variety of control benefits that include: 

  • Real-time washroom monitoring
  • “No-Chemical” flow detection and alarming
  • Programmable watchdogs
  • Lead weight tracking
  • Catalyst network management reporting

These features and benefits are designed to improve operations, increase productivity and improve efficiency.