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Utilizing your utility usage efficiently is an important aspect of your total plant management. Softrol Systems offers a state-of-the-art solution for tracking utility usage with our UtiliPulse system. The need for monitoring hardware in real-time has never been greater than before, and UtiliPulse offers this and much more.

Softrol 08-06-2021

UtiliPulse System Features 

Softrol Systems prides itself on building solutions that include a variety of advanced features to benefit your plant. UtiliPulse has an assortment of beneficial features from real-time monitoring to advanced reporting. 

  • Monitors any customer supplied meters 
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring 
  • Easy site-specific configuration and setup
  • Helps to lower utility costs 
  • Focus on plant efficiency 
  • Attention to plant maximum performance 

With these tracking features, UtiliPulse will greatly enhance any plant operation. With these variables monitored, UtiliPulse makes it easier to keep tabs on all metered utilities, while allowing you to make better decisions based on the data collected.