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Softrol Systems provides state of the art monorail systems for both soil and clean goods transfer. These systems help to improve a plant's efficiency while also minimizing manual labor.  Our fully automated sort-on-rail system allows users to sort directly into multiple sort bins. 

09-10-2021 SOFT_

Sort-On-Rail Solution Features 

Like all of our monorail systems, the sort-on-rail solution provides a variety of features made to improve your plant's management and operations that include:

  • A streamline soil sort process 
  • High visibility HDMI sort bin display touchscreens for each bin
  • Visual feedback to operators for load type and weight details 
  • Tight sort deck footprint made possible with our unique trolley twisters providing 90-degree turns
  • Duel (over/under) bins are available
  • Automatic sling change out

 These features make the sort-on-rail solution an advanced industry-leading system that will bring instant improvements to your planting operations. 

 Softrol Rail Solution Benefits 

Each and every Softrol Rail system is tailored for your specific plant operation and brings a wide range of benefits that include:

  • Reliable Operation
  • Mechanical Integrity through robust components, including our round steel Melonited rail.
  • Powerfull browser-based Pan & Zoom touchscreen technology with a DFX Embed processor core
  • ArcNet network integration distributed system
  • Real-time production & operational status along with historical management reporting
  • PM Tracker and Maintenance Mode with exploded views of system components with part numbers

These benefits only begin to scratch the surface of everything these Softrol solutions have to offer.