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Today, more and more plant operations are utilizing advanced technology to increase productivity and efficiency while minimizing wasted time and human resources. Softrol Systems provides a variety of solutions to do just that.   PulseNet Virtual Rail Module (PVRM) is a software and hardware solution that can be added to your manual rail system to deliver real-time information that results in better processing control. 

Softrol's Virtual Rail System

PVRM Virtual Rail Features And Benefits

Like all of our industry-leading solutions, the PVRM virtual railing system comes with an assortment of features and benefits. Some of them include: 


  • Lift lockout for incorrect weight 
  • Electronic capture of soil slings
  • Ensured accurate sling weights and reduced wash loads per day 
  • Real-time information on item, lot, and weight in storage 
  • Web-based reporting with access to production from anywhere with an internet connection 
  • Electronic data feeds for corporate level reporting 
  • Reports that provide soil weight history for production and service planning and management 

PVRM turns your unstructured manual rail into an inteligent system that aids with process control management.