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On Monday, September 20, 2021, Softrol Systems helped sponsor the fifteenth Anniversary of Tee Up For The Cure at Geneva National Resort in Lake Geneva, WI. This event was formed to help raise money for Type 1 Diabetes. This event gave contributors a number of ways, such as playing a game of golf with coworkers or friends, becoming a sponsor, and even donating money or items at a silent auction. To this date, Tee Up For The Cure has raised over $675,000 to find the cure.

Softrol is happy to support our great customer, ITU Absorbtech, and the Tee Up For the Cure event in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to raise money for Type 1 diabetes research.  Brent Keith, President, and Dave Smith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing attended and participated in the charity golf event. After the golf outing, we visited the ITU Absorbtech facility in New Berlin, WI, and reviewed the Softrol Sort System installed there in 2013.  

Softrol Supporting Diabetes Research

The highly efficient Softrol garment sort system installed utilizes a single induction point for all garment traffic and scans the garments identified with VHF RFID chips automatically on the fly using Softrol’s antenna and reader. The single induction point sorter allows one operator to manage the sorting of garments for both the overhead primary sort system and the final sorting of garments to individual users. 

Softrol Sortation System installed for ITU Absorbtech