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The need for simple, easy to use tools that will increase productivity and provide critical data to management has never been more necessary than it is now.  This is why Softrol Systems developed our state-of-the art product called PulseNet Productivity System (PPS).  PPS provides critical business intelligence with regards to labor and equipment management, while also enhancing employee efficiency.

What is PPS?

Softrol’s PPS is an integrated hardware/software system that collects, calculates and reports productivity information necessary to effectively manage and control laundry operations.  It enables data acquisition from the plant floor, tracks operator performance, and collects real-time machine and labor production data.  

Improving Plant Efficiency

With Softrol Systems' innovative solutions for productivity tracking, you can give your managers real-time data on labor performance and machine utilization. This will allow them to recognize bottlenecks or equipment issues sooner than later.


Softrol's LOIS, Laundry Operation Information System, is the perfect cloud-based add-on tool for today’s laundry operation. The LOIS dashboard provides quick and easy access to key information for any Softrol solution, in real time, via your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.  LOIS includes drill-down capability that allows you access to detailed reports on current and past performance by date range or specific report type.

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