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Softrol's Catalyst Dual Inject system adds precision and efficiency to your wash aisle. The Dual Inject system is specifically manufactured for high volume, heavy soil processing, acting as two Catalyst Classic systems in one.


Catalyst Classic & Dual Inject System Features 

Like the Catalyst Classic, the Catalyst Dual Inject system includes features, such as: 

  • Accurate Flow Metering for All Viscosity
  • Metered Volume and Verified Flush Injection
  • Superior Precision & Accuracy 
  • High-speed Injection Times
  • Real-Time Washroom Monitoring
  • Load Weight Tracking
  • Chemical Flow Detection & Programmable Watchdogs

This wide range of features only scratches the surface of everything the catalyst dual inject system is capable of. 

Catalyst Dual Inject System 

Catalyst Dual Inject also includes:

  • Acts as Two (2) Catalyst Classics
  • Delivers Chemicals to Two (2) Machines Simultaneously  
  • Redundant System Operation
  • Additional Pumps are Not Required for this Redundant Injection Capability