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New SoftSort System To Save Money and Improve Efficiency

May 15, 2006 – Acworth, GA – Softrol Systems, Inc., announces the planned installation of a SoftSort Autosortation System for AAA (ACE) Uniform Services in Kansas City, MO. AAA (ACE) processes 15,000 garments per day, currently using a graduated hook system with slick rails for account- and man-sorting. The SoftSort System is designed to meet AAA’s (ACE's) goals of (1) reduced labor, (2) ability to expand the system for future growth, (3) attractive financial payback, and (4) use no more than the existing space used for manual sorting. To meet this challenge, Softrol designed a SoftSort system that took advantage of unused ceiling space. The system also uses a combination of powered conveyors and non-powered slick rail to keep costs low and provide an attractive payback. The resulting system fits in the limited area that was available and will process at least 15,000 units per day with just two employees for sorting and shipping. In addition to process automation, sorting data will be transferred between the SoftSort control software and AAA’s (ACE's) route accounting system software to improve information management for the business. The installation is scheduled for spring, 2006.