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June 15, 2006 - Softrol announces the release of new bar code reading technology that results in near 100% read rates on bar codes used with SoftSort Autosortation Systems. Initial results in actual field installations demonstrate successful read rates of 99.8%. This breakthrough allows operators of uniform and industrial laundries to have confidence that every piece will be counted and accounted for. The new technology will be incorporated into every new SoftSort system. Autosortation technology is a key solution to address an operator’s need to continuously lower operational costs and improve customer service. One of the key components of the system includes the ability to scan or read each garment in order to sort it properly. As this ability approaches 100% using bar codes, operators can be assured of fast and accurate scanning of garments – with no loose pieces. “As leaders in autosortation, we continuously strive to improve our technology in order to meet the increasing demands of our customers,” says Chad Keith, CEO of Softrol Systems, Inc. of Acworth, GA. “Customers have a need to remain competitive and we are committed to providing the solutions they are looking for.” Autosortation technology was once believed to be only applicable to large industrial laundries. In a recent published white paper, “Most Common Misconceptions About Autosortation”, this misconception and 9 others are clarified. The white paper is available for download at www.softrol.com. Softrol is the recognized leader of process controls and management information solutions for automation of the Textile Rental Industry. The company’s wide range of products and services are designed to increase plant productivity and lower operating costs. Visit www.softrol.com for more information.