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Laundry facilities need to have speed, efficiency, and precision to reduce costs. Each activity conducted has to be done precisely to ensure that there is little room for error, which in turn improves productivity and client satisfaction.

That's why Softrol offers Softrol Rail for laundry facilities. These are state-of-the-art material handling systems for soiled and clean goods transfer. 

Softrol Rail reduces manual labor, time, and space requirement. One of the best things about this system is that it is custom-built to your facility's needs, with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity. 

Some of the many features that make our rail systems perform so well include:


Round Rail

Softrol’s industrially hardened rail is designed for smooth operation and maximum productivity. Softrol Rail offers maximum resistance to wear, making it ideal for automation. Slings travel smoothly for optimum performance.

Maximum durability is achieved through the use of melonited rail, hardened and melonited stop sections, and industrial size cast trollies.  Meloniting removes distortion, which gives a smooth and quiet operation and extra longevity.  

Trolley Twisters

The design of our unique trolley twisters, reduces the overall floor space requirements of your plant. These twister rail components are ideal for tight areas with little available space.

Trolley twisters provide a 90-degree turn at the sort deck, saving valuable floor space in that area.  Further, our twisters may be used as a gate keeper where rails cross, overhead, which eliminates the need for one rail to rise above the other.

Superior Rail Controls

By providing powerful controls with LOIS pan & zoom technology, Softrol takes rail systems to the next level. The networked and distributed control system with modular components isolate control failures to one area.  Softrol rail controls with LOIS provides the ultimate view of production and operational status, while offering high-level preventative maintenance and trouble-shooting features.

Distributed Control Platform provides: 

  • Simple implementation 
  • Improved reliability for peace of mind that a “mission-critical” process has been designed to minimize failure 
  • Easier preventive maintenance on sections of the system without taking the whole system down 
  • Softrol manufactured components for quality control and life cycle control - key to capital investments

How Can We Help?

Softrol Systems offers a range of solutions for every size plant that is easily expandable according to your needs. Contact us to learn more about how Softrol Rail could improve your plant today.