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Uniform rental plants all over the country are in a constant state of flux, constantly adapting to an ever-evolving world.  A faithful and determined industry partner, Softrol Systems is dedicated to providing the most efficient solutions to enhance your uniform rental business.

Through an assortment of carefully engineered systems, Softrol offers an advanced network that can fully optimize your way of business. 


Garment Sort Systems

Softrol offers three distinct and prominent garment sorting systems, each one specifically tailored for certain budget restraints, space limitations, and the number of garments being produced. These sorting systems include a Directed Sort, Hybrid sort, and Autosort. 

Directed Sort System 

Directed Sort offers an in-depth and intricate tracking source that provides wearer and garment tracking data from your manual sort system with just a small investment. 

The directed sort system comes in the form of an add-on hardware and software package with hand scanners, allowing for real-time reporting. It is carefully designed to optimize your production goals and needs. 

Hybrid Sort System 

Hybrid Sort combines a Directed Primary Sort System with an Automated Final Sort System. It upgrades your existing manual equipment with Softrol's automated sorting proficiency. 

The Hybrid Sort offers a wide variety of different arrangements that are able to fit the guidelines and requirements of plants who process between 6000 to 12,000 garments per day. 

Through use of sorting conveyors, the Hybrid Sort system reduces the amount of floor space used in any plant, forming a much more open and spatial work environment. This sorting system has been proven to increase productivity while reducing the cost of labor, substantially. 

Autosort System 

Our final garment sort system, Autosort, is a fully automated conveying service that allows for higher proficiency among any uniform rental plant. Through this process, the Autosort system is fully automated with 1 to 2 employee operation, depending upon throughput. 

The Autosort conveyors are robust and provide a smooth, hanger-based conveying system that is low maintenance. 

With reading rates approaching 100% for RFID and the ability to accurately process 12,000 to 50,000 garments per day, Autosort delivers a quick payback. 

Choosing Your System 

While each system offers different abilities and services, they all share the same benefits. 

  • Customer defined batch process
  • Custom designed system from standard components
  • Extremely high speed induction & sorting
  • Advanced software and control
  • Open Windows-based database
  • User friendly interface
  • High reading rates
  • No split orders or loose pieces
  • No “mother hooks”

 No matter what system you choose, your plant's operating costs will be cut dramatically in addition to an FTE reduction. Any of the three sorting systems will increase your plant's quality of work, allowing for more proficiency within your workspace. 

How Can We Help? 

Softrol Systems offers a wide range of solutions for any plant size that is easily expandable for your needs. Contact us today to learn how Softrol could improve your plant today.