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As a plant manager, your job is to maintain a balance between your plant’s current capacity and the profit you need to succeed. When you’re already worried about meeting capacity, it can seem impossible to make an investment that might actually increase your revenue later down the line.

The PACE strategy can be applied to most decision making processes. Understand the pressures you must handle, find the actions that you need to take, assess your current capabilities, and look for enablers that will help you work toward your goal.  Softrol’s Total Plant Management, including our PulseNet Productivity System (PPS) and Laundry Operation Information System (LOIS), enable improved laundry productivity and informed decision making.   



A key pressure of the laundry industry is simple: in order to maximize profits, plant managers need to reduce the cost of operation as much as possible. This pressure is fairly constant and can result in a great deal of stress for both operators and executives. Softrol’s products are designed to help alleviate this pressure by improving efficiency and reducing the amount of required labor.  


The best plant managers are always looking for new ways to increase the effectiveness of their production line. Over the years, Softrol engineers have found that most solutions fall into the following actions:

  • Synchronize the performance of your operation with corporate objectives.
  • Increase the capacity of your plant by optimizing your production line.
  • Integrate scheduling software to maintain efficiency across the board.


Softrol’s Total Plant Management software is capable of providing real, actionable information for nearly every aspect of your plant. From utility usage to employee productivity, you will be able to see and adjust the factors that are responsible for your plant’s success.

One of the best uses of Total Plant Management is to standardize your current process. From employee touchscreens to cycle scheduling, you can create a stable, balanced, and efficient production line.


The tools located within Total Plant Management will uniquely address the individual problems that occur within a laundry facility. No matter the job, there’s a feature that supports it - and all features are integrated with other Softrol products.

  • Dashboards for easily accessible data analytics
  • Automated controls to optimize individual processes
  • Human-machine interfaces that are intuitive and simple
  • Production systems that create an efficient and organized environment
  • Real Time Data at your fingertips via PC, tablet or mobile phone

How Can We Help?

Softrol’s Total Plant Management software can help you get your plant running as a cohesive and well-oiled machine. Contact us to learn more about integrating Total Plant Management with your current facility.