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Efficiency is everything, especially when you’re processing thousands of garments a day. If your facility uses a steam tunnel, a Powered Accumulating Buffer might be exactly what you need to improve your hangered garment processing time.


The Powered Accumulating Buffer

Softrol’s Powered Accumulating Buffer, or PAB, is used to transport hangered garments. Garments are continually forced forward at a steady pace, resulting in a tight grouping.

This tight grouping provides an essential level of efficiency to your garment sortation and storage system. The PAB keeps the clean-side rail clear and ready for new garments, preventing the costly stopping and starting of your steam tunnel and preserving a continual garment flow. Grouped garments will also move more quickly through the transport and staging areas of your facility.

Designed for Your Operation

The PAB can be used at any slope or angle. Even send your garments to an upper floor, and the PAB will maintain efficient spacing. You can also use a PAB to improve horizontal efficiency and reduce the need for operators on the clean side of your steam tunnel.

Softrol’s PABs are designed with your operation in mind. We can customize rail lengths and angles to fit perfectly into your existing facility. 

How Can We Help?

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