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Garment sorting is an essential operation for uniform rental plants. It calls for a lot of labour and uses up a lot of floor space. Customer satisfaction is heavily reliant on returning the correct garments in a timely fashion. 

One of the best ways to ensure efficiency is to get a sorting solution for your plant. A sorting solution could be the key to increasing productivity and maximizing your output. Luckily, Softrol offers such solutions for plants with garment sorting functions. 

Garment sorting is an integral part of the Total Plant Management program by Softrol. The main goal is to improve pant efficiency and maximum performance. The modular technology allows scaling that meets the requirements of each plant while guaranteeing room for growth. 

Softrol provides flexible and customized solutions used manually, automatically, or semi-automatically. All these systems sort garments with minimal labor ensuring that things move faster. These systems improve floor space and save capital. 

Each Softrol sortation product has its advantages. If you have garment sorting functions in your plant, consider the semi-automated Hybrid Sort System. 


The Hybrid Sort

The Hybrid Sort is the best of both worlds. It combines the manual Directed Sort with the Auto Sort to give you a semi-automated garment sort program. With Softrol's input, you can connect existing standard equipment with automated sorting capabilities.

The goals are to maximize output while ensuring that everything runs smoothly and correctly. With this hybrid sort, your plant could go through garment sorting faster without errors. It uses sorting conveyors to double as both the primary and final sorting. Conveyors save on space and contribute to the smooth running of the sorting process.

Best of all, it generally fits into the floor space without the need for expansion or sacrificing valuable space. However, this is not to say that it cannot be expanded. The unique design of all Softrol Systems leaves room for expansion as your needs become bigger. 

Advantages of Hybrid Sort

  • Increased daily sort volume- The hybrid sort system is the best for plants with a daily sort volume of 6,000 to 12,000 garments for every shift. Manual input alone cannot achieve this volume of a sort, but a semi-automated system will improve the numbers significantly.

  • Reduces labor costs- Because it works so efficiently and is partly automated, the labor costs go down significantly. We’ve seen as much as 83% improvement.

  • Efficiency- Like all other automated functions, there is very little room for error. The automated systems ensure that everything functions as it should and that garments are sorted correctly.

  • Reduces investment and floor space- Automated systems come with the benefit of reducing floor space which in turn reduces investment. 

How Can We Help?

Softrol Systems offers a range of solutions for every size plant that is easily expandable according to your needs. Contact us to learn more about how the Hybrid Sort, Directed Sort, or Auto Sort systems could improve your plant today.