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Reliable chemical dispensing is one of the cornerstones of a modernized laundry facility. Standardized delivery amounts result in improved wash aisle quality and efficient product use. Learn how Softrol uses the Catalyst Chemical Injection system to bring reliability to your wash aisle.


Precise Chemical Dispensing

Catalyst Chemical Injection systems work by automatically adding cleaning products to each wash load without manual interference. The amount of product injected is determined by factors like the weight of the load and the amount of water used. Flow-metering technology provides accurate readings and ensures that the correct chemical portion is injected on each occurrence.

The result is a level of precision and efficiency that cannot be matched by manual dispensing. Every drop of product is used to its fullest effect, and risks are reduced for both garments and operators.

Automated System Control

Like other Softrol products, Catalyst systems are controlled via an external program. This interface allows managers to dictate all parameters for chemical injection. Once programmed, systems will continue to work automatically unless a change is requested through the interface.

One of the unique aspects of the Catalyst system is that it offered full redundancy. If two Catalyst systems are connected to your wash aisle and one stops working, the other will continue chemical delivery until the first system is repaired. This means that a plant can continue to work at peak efficiency even if a malfunction should occur.

Real-Time Data Reports

Along with system automation, the Catalyst Chemical Injection system provides detailed utility and product usage reports. Managers can easily see how much product is needed for each load, how many loads have been served, and where any breaks in productivity may have occurred.

These reports are easy to generate and can be saved for later use. The system also includes advanced historical operational data which allows managers to compare changes in operations and chemical use over time.

Chemical Delivery Options

Softrol offers a range of systems that utilize Catalyst Chemical Injection. These seven different devices meet a wide spectrum of facility types and washroom needs.

  • C-Series systems are the industry standard. The Catalyst Classic and the Catalyst Dual Inject used multiple pumps and can be configured for most devices.
  • S-Series systems include the Catalyst XT and LTLF. Both of these systems use shared pumps to reduce their environmental footprint while still maintaining an exceptional delivery standard.
  • T-Series systems are designed to work with tunnel washers. Available options include the Classic Tunnel and Stand, the Catalyst Tunnel LT, and the Catalyst LTLF Tunnel.

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