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Because cash is at the top of all priorities, more business owners are now avoiding potentially invaluable investment opportunities. This, unfortunately, means that there is less capital for plant operations and movement. While it is an understandable move, it is not entirely correct.

The need to stay at the top of the game or at least to stay competitive means that your plant needs to have higher productivity and maintain quality, if not improve it. Managers must, therefore, evaluate their criteria for making investment decisions.

One of the most popular investment decisions that managers in laundry and uniform services have to make is whether to fund capital equipment or operations & analysis systems.

Softrol Systems Provides Return On Investment

Softrol and Return on Investment

As a champion of automated systems and plant solutions, Softrol offers the promise of return on investment. An investment in any cost saving Softrol solution is a smart decision that informed business managers should make. 

For example, those who have invested in real-time information systems to better manage plant operations noticed improved plant productivity, which also reduced costs increases customer satisfaction.


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Software That Provides ROI

With a combination of several Softrol systems, you could meet plant production needs without losing money on the investment. For example, PulseNet Production System (PPS) will capture plant floor operations. This gives you a real-time measure of individual or team performance, equipment performance and historical records for assessment. This comes in handy when determining labor & equipment requirements and helps to push toward a standard for achieving the best productivity. 

Hardware That Provides ROI 

Take Softrol’s Rail Systems or Garment Sortation Systems, for example. These high-end products are custom designed to fit the needs and space of your plant, meaning those that choose to utilize the system don’t need to worry about the costs of expanding or moving their plant in the short term. 

With a significant savings of labor (and floor space), resources can be allocated to other departments to ensure higher quality of production.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Softrol’s solutions are worthy investments that every plant manager should consider, especially in today’s competitive market.

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