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Softrol has the answer for improved profitability in the uniform rental industry. Softrol is happy to serve both big and small plants with solutions that are designed to increase plant productivity while lowering operating costs. Moreover, this will reduce energy consumption, which is the first step in turning your plant into a successful facility.


Uniform Rental Solutions

In its early days, Softrol Systems noticed a massive problem in laundry facilities. There were several problems, including the need for automation in order to improve product flow. Luckily, Softrol came up with various solutions to help with plant production. 

One of the industries that were affected most by the development of automated solutions was the uniform rental industry. Softrol changed the game significantly, affecting various aspects of plant processes.

We Offer Garment Sorting Solutions

Softrol garment sorting is a quick and easy solution for plants of every size. The design is made such that it is more flexible and scalable to match the size of the plant and, of course, production needs. 

The flexibility feature is quite impressive because it ensures that the design is practical but also makes it possible for future expansion. This is important considering that this industry is dynamic, and production demands can increase in a short time. It also makes downsizing possible.

Softrol Sorting Solution Options

Softrol also offers sorting solution in three main options:

  • Directed Sort – an add-on to your manual garment system to provide semi-automated sorting
  • Hybrid Sort - a hybrid of manual and automated sorting that utilizes sorting conveyors to double as both the primary and final sort
  • Fully-automated Sort - automated means just that. There is very little manual input from workers on the ground, as everything is automatic.

The finished garments are then tracked throughout the system using barcode or RFID technology, which is fast and accurate.

How Can We Help?

As a recognized leader of process controls and management information solutions for automation, Softrol Systems is here to help. Do you have a uniform rental plant and have not yet figured out how to make production costs lower? Consider Softrol's uniform rental solutions to help production go faster and keep prices low. We offer a range of solutions for every size plant that is easily expandable according to your needs.