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The modern world is an ever-changing landscape that demands quick responses to evolving demands. To meet the needs of  the wash aisle, Softrol Systems offers high level solutions for chemical injection processes, which improve accuracy and speed up processing time.

Chemical Systems

Softrol offers Chemical Injection Systems that vary in their function and features, providing accurate metered injection to open pocket or tunnel washers. Some systems also provide redundancy, so one unit can handle all dispensing requirements while another has downtime for  repairs or servicing! Each designated solution can be carefully tailored towards your specific requirements. 

Features of the Catalyst Family

With a system from Softrol’s Catalyst Family, you can ensure that your chemical process is running smoothly and efficiently. The flow metering capabilities of Catalyst will provide accurate flow rates for all viscosities, as well as, verified flush injection. Plus their precision makes sure every drop counts toward production goals, while high-speed injection times improve operating efficiency.

Benefits of the Catalyst Controls

With Catalyst, you will enjoy the benefits of real-time monitoring for washrooms. Additional features include, "no chemical" flow detection and programmable watchdogs to keep your business running smoothly without any hiccups!  Management reporting will also provide insight and includes reporting for process load efficiency, process poundage, formula run times, formula chemical usage and production efficiency data.

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