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Softrol’s industry leading material handling systems include state-of-the-art garment sortation solutions.  Softrol Garment Sort comes in three designated designs: Directed sort, Hybrid sort, and the fully automated AutoSort.


Features Of Our Garment Sort Systems 

Softrol Garment Sort offers a wide range of features that are perfectly suited for your uniform rental plant. A few of our key features include: 

  • Customer Defined Batch Process 
  • High Speed Induction & Sorting
  • Scan on the Fly at speeds up to 15,000 pc/hr
  • Smooth garment conveyance on standard hangers (no expensive mother hooks)
  • Advanced Software and Open Window-based Database


Benefits Of Softrol's Garment Sort Systems 

Softrol Systems' garment sort solutions come with an assortment of benefits that make them stand out, including:

  • Lower operating costs 
  • Intuitive operation 
  • Improved customer relations
  • Increased overall quality 
  • Real-time reporting 

Softrol provides an economical sortation solution for any size operation.  Visit us at www.softrol.com to learn more.